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Get the best tutors near you, communicate with the tutors, review feedback. We run extreme background checks on all our tutors. We also help to ensure you find the perfect fit.

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Students have received thousands lesson hours through ProTeach. Our users report that it takes a week of personalised instruction from a ProTeach tutor to improve a step higher in learning.

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You don't pay for your first hour with any tutor unless you find a good fit. You can confidently start using a ProTeach tutor knowing that we work towards a 100% satisfaction rate.

ProTeach offers a personalised and friendly private home tutoring service within Nigeria.

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Through our large network of highly qualified tutors in a wide range of subjects, we provide personalized services by determining individual learning styles.

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Happy Mother!
“I want to thank ProTeach for a great tutoring service. Your service helped my daughter in her Common Entrance exams at different schools especially in Math. I would recommend you to family or friends looking to get a good tutor. Thank you!”
Great tutor!
“The tutors ProTeach provided for my daughter have been extremely resourceful and relate well with her. The tutors are great at explaining concepts and have helped her to figure how to ask simple questions and have meaningful dialogue. I'll use them over and over again.”
Delighted Parent!
“Samuel, my daughter's English tutor is very patient and accommodates her schedule when possible. He has helped my daughter improve her grades in class.”

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